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could soon host america's biggest game. >> complete bay area coverage start ts right now. good evening, it's tuesday, october 16th. i'm gasia mikaelian and this is bra news at 7:00. happening now we'll give you a live look here at the second presidential debate in progress. we're one hour into this debate. many are calling a rematch to the first face off. the president was criticized for not being aggressive enough then and his campaign has vowed to do better this time around. now, this is a town hall style debate with the candidates taking questions from an audience of undecided voters, questions on everything from job creation to energy de pen den sichlt we'll have full coverage after the debate is concluded on the 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2. at this hour, crews trying
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to salvage an oracle reyesing yacht after it capsized in san francisco bay and pieces of the boat broke off. video here from news chopper 2 shows crews scrambling to recover the vessel after the tide caused a broken boat drift three miles outside the golden gate bridge. told us there were 12 people on board when the boat skipped about 3:00 this afternoon and that they all got off unharmed. officials tell us the crew men were just out. >> this is the biggest there is all year so when it hits tide we actually see waves. we know that. what we understand happened is that the two hulls dug into the water and the boat just full. the semi-two foot carbon fiber vessel is one of two identical ones. it is valued at about $8 million. at this hour the recovery effort continues outside the golden gate. a search for a missing plane
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ended today. the pilot was the only person on board. he was killed. we're live right near the airport where the plane had taken off early yesterday morning. john. >> gasia, san mateo county sheriff's office is just wrapping up the word here tonight as the coroner just removed the remains from the scene. the crash site is over there about a mile on the bluff. sheriff's officials escorted our camera near the wreckage where we can see the small plane burned up after crashing. this incident started yesterday morning when the plane took off heading for arizona. it never made it to its destination and the wife of 75-year-old pilot in florida called in a missing person's report. the search began on ground, along the coast and in the ocean with the coast guard. around 11:30 this morning search crews found the wreckage though any numbers were destroyed in the fire and the human remains were badly burned so this has officially been confirmed as the missing plane. >> i think a reasonable person
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would assume this is the plane given the time that it was found and the location, the size and so forth, but, again, without any characteristic definitively saying this is the same plane, i can't say that. >> it is now up to the coroner to confirm the pilot's identity. the national transportation safety board of investigators arrived and will finally determine what exactly caused this crash. live, ktvu channel 2 news. the national football league today chose santa clara new 49er's stadium as one of the fine lists to host an upcoming super bowl. the 49er's stadium to host one of two upcoming super bowls at least two years following its scheduled opening next year. san francisco would be the host city, but here's how the selection process works. santa clara will first vie with miami to host super bowl 15 in 2016. the losing state will then go head to head with houston to
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host super bowl 51 the following year. final vote is expected to take place next mae. last year's super bowl ma donna headlined. the act shows us this season game in february. continuing coverage of this evening's memorial service for ambassador chris stephens. sharing memories of the man graduating from uc berkeley and law school before serving his country in libya. david stevenson is in san francisco now where the event is a rotunda there in city hall. >> gasia, ambassador stevens had strong ties to the bay area and those paying tribute to him at city hall from federal to international citizens. the crowd heard from former u.s. secretary of state, representative barbara lee out of oakland and the lib yan ambassador to the united states. organizers plan for a thousand guests at city hall. the service came together over the last couple of weeks. steven's family approached the
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rest of the mayor's office of protocol about holding this event in the city. >> this is a sea of government and, you know, he did serve our government. >> christopher stevens was a participant, a full, strong, effective participant in his beloved democracy. >> he talked with the people. he meet with the people. he knows their suffering. >> we also heard tonight from retired u.s. ambassador thomas. he knew and worked with am bos dar stevens. he's also heading up a pnl investigating steven's death in libya. >> we're not in a position to xhernt about that because we're in the middle of that investigation so that's continuing on. >> we're told by the mayor's office that the event tonight was paid for by steven's family and private donations with city
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workers donating their time. another memorial ceremony on the east coast is also planned for the near future. reporting live in san francisco david stevenson ktvu channel 2 news. more de tails stevens is also being remembered tonight as a beloved father -- excuse me, a son and a brother. >> as our brother said to us at 5:00 a.m. on september 12th, he made it to the top, he tried his best, he was a great brother, and i couldn't agree more. >> people attending the service heard from those who knew him the longest, his brother and two sisters. chris stevens' parents told us they wanted today's service to be a celebration of how he lived, not how he died. they set up a nonprofit in his memory to continue to build bridges between the yiet, north africa and the middle east. the family of a teenager shot and killed by police rallied on the steps of the da's
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office today. allen blooper's mother says he will not rest. >> why did you do this? you should be held accountable. this will not go on in our community. >> the alameda county district attorney says he will not prosecute officer miguel for the shooting death. he shot and killed him after mae 6th. the de tails of this case have been in dispute. officers contend the shooting was justified while his family says he was racially profiled. firefighters in san francisco estimate a four alarm fire caused more than $7 million in damage. the early morning fire last friday destroyed a restaurant on the corner of west portal. it also damage add wine bar and a dentist office. the cause of the fire remains under investigation but the fire chief says it does not appear to be suspicious. more than 300 employees of yosemite national park are being asked to give blood to help researchers better understand
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the potentially deadly hantavirus. six others got sick. visitors caught the virus from exposure to deer mice droppings. the none of the park employees was sick which is why testing their blood may help researchers learn more about the virus. the ninth circuit court of appeals in san francisco heard arguments nod california's regulations to reduce greenhouse mission. earlier this year a federal judge expressed the regulations violating federal commerce clause that they reach across state lines and discriminate against out of state businesses. reduced greenhouse to 1990 levels by the year 2020. the court is set to make a ruling at a later time. san francisco parents are voicing concerns that a man known as evil elmo may have moved out west. take a look. this is video of evil elmo in new york. he was thrown out of central park after yelling obscenitys and harassing tourists. this past week ebd parents of san francisco reported seeing a
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man dressed as elmo in the richmond district cursing and yelling racial slurs at people. a woman told us she saw a man with an elmo costume get on the bus in fisherman's wharf. we tracked down elmo there, but he denied he's the evil elmo. >> i don't think it's an evil dude in an elmo costume. i think people are harassing him because they don't like the federal rulings on trademark. >> elmo is for young children and that it's scary thinking someone dressed as elmo would be abusive. on the economy wise, santa clara did tell us third quarter earnings. the chip maker says revenue one year ago lined with the worldwide. more consumers are switching to tablets as companies are spending less on computers due to the economy. the company is expecting its ushl holiday sales boost to be cut in half this year even with microsoft launching a new pc operating system.
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dow industrial adding 127 points, nasdaq 836. earnings reports several companies fueled today's rally. women has job hunter boost today in san mateo. about three dozen companies eeth workshop to help job with their search and interviewing skills. says the jobless rate has dropped but remains disproportionately high for recent college graduates at 53%. employees of country club are back at work after a two and a half year lockout. they also were back on the picket line. the union says it is still waiting for a new contract and back wages as per a judge's ruling in august. the lockout began when negotiations broke down over issues involving healthcare and shift changes. the general management of the country club says it hasn't been easy on anyone. >> the dispute was never really with the employees. it's always been with the union and what they believe are the -- the needs and wants of the employees and what we're able to
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pay. >> the two sides have held four meetings since the lockout ended. the next meeting is set for next wednesday. the social security administration says benefits for nearly 62 million americans will go up 1.7% next year but it will possibly be offset by rising medicare premiums. come january 1st, the average benefit will rise about $31 a month to a total of $1,261. administrators say healthcare costs continually out the annual cost of living to social security benefits. an elected official convict of embezzlement so why do many residents now say he's finally done the right thing. and a salute to the giants. parting for st. louis. fans debate a pif toll play that changed the tone in game two. and back here in just a few minutes, it's heating up around here. red flag warning just east of the bay area. i'll show you where the 90s will be involved
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. taxi drivers honk their horns outside san francisco city hall today to show protests against the city. the top of what they say¢ agency's plan to distribute 150 medallions to cab companies for 19 hundred dprrs a month. the drivers say their loss for always double that amount was turned down. it's a clear-cut case of political corruption and accused the cab companies of having mayor ed lee in their pockets. tonight's city council meeting started just about 50
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minutes ago. rob ross tells us about the felony conviction that led to rob's exit. >> the council meets tonight, it will have one less member. vice mayor joe medrano has resigned. >> one of our big programs is to do the right thing, and i think joe medrano has done the right thing by tendering his resignation. >> medrano's resignation comes days after a jury convicted him of embezzling $60,000 in his personal business as an insurance broker. he took money from a client instead of forwarding it to an insurance company. he kept it. medrano has maintained hidz nns and said he plans to appeal. he has not returned our call but in his resignation letter medrano quote i fully expected to be found not guilty and this matter to be behind me. >> he can deal with this issue as a perj issue and get it out
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from being a city issue. >> resident of the small town say the whole turn of events has caught them by surprise. >> we're all for public service and he was doing a good job at that and then something like this comes along. just can't -- can't happen, you know, but it did. >> everywhere you go, you know, you know, something -- some kind of corruption or something going on. >> medrano faces a maximum four years in prison. in a business of irony, joe medrano's name is still on the ballot for reelection but even if he wins, as a convicted felon, he won't be allow today take office. in clayton, rob ross, ktvu channel 2 news. it appears apple has another announcement in store next week. the company has sent out invites to an event in san jose next tuesday. all it said is we've got a little more to show you. those in the know say that apple is going to unveil the ipad
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mini. more than 2% after those invitations went out. authorities investigating a major arson at a museum. making off with seven manes worth hundreds of millions of dollars. investigators say the thieves got away before law enforcement could respond to the alarm. the paintings have been registered internationally as stolen which makes them nearly impossible to sell. the oakland raiders want to own the new stadium and they have no plans to share it with the 49ers. an interview with, the current stadium which they share. the 49ers and raiders have talked about sharing a home field but the best scenario would be to build a new stadium ton current side or about 20 miles away. the san francisco giants have arrived tonight in st. louis. the giants won last night
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decisively but some reports today all anyone is really wanting to talk about is the slide. >> today ktvu was there at the giant's charter plane left san francisco international airport headed for st. louis. aboard that plane was giant's second baseman mar kos cut row who is involved in the play everyone is still talking about today. here's the play giant's manager says was an illegal slide that left skut row with a sprained hip. ran towards second base and did a late slide past the bag trying to break up a play. >> i really think they got away with an illegal slide there. that rule was changed awail back and he really didn't hit dirt until he was past the bag. marco was behind the bag and got smoked. >> he stayed in for four more innings and got a key hit later in the game. this afternoon did indicate he'd be available for tomorrow. today dominated the talk on
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sports radio. >> he just did something that was reckless. >> sports host david says he doesn't think the giants will retaliate in any way for the slide chalking it up to hard october baseball. >> i don't think any of them walked away safe. matt holiday, yeah, that guy needs one in his rib cage. this is hard-nosed play off baseball. >> this long-time giants fan agrees. >> you know, i think tfts late but probably -- i didn't like it, but, you know, that's hard baseball. >> if the giants should win the nlcs, they'll play in san francisco for the first two games of the world series. san francisco south castaneda, ktvu channel 2 news. >> don't forget tomorrow's game is an early start. you can watch game three live other on ktvu channel 2. our conch begins at 12:30 following ktvu channel 2 news at noon. grammy winner beyonce has been tapped to perform at the upcoming super bowl halftime show in new orleans.
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the singer appears to have concurred the report. beyonce has a slew of r & b hits including crazy in love, irreplaceable and single ladies. she sang the national anthem at the 2004 super bowl in her hometown of houston. comedy's leading ladies are teaming up to host the golden globes. organizers announced last night that tina fey and amy pohler will host the event. they worked on saturday night live and also starred together in movies such as baby mama and mean girls. for many young boys legos and lincoln logs were never far away. we'll show you how one designer is hoping to get some girls to think alonglogi bill martin will let us know how much hotter it's going to be tomorrow
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. health officials posted more warning signs. as we first told you last week a chip monk discovered near the visitor's center was found carrying the disease. also posted signs at richard son urging the public to report any dead squirrels. animals can transmit the plague to humans. our chief meteorologist
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joins us now. >> you noticed it today, five and eight degrees, a lot of places been warmer than others. that temperature increase continues tomorrow and continues into thursday, too, so numbers going to get up there. we head outside the live storm tracker. the winds are blowing out of the west basically. these were actually the highs from today with 90 degrees in santa rosa, 86 in fairfield, 83 in antioch so these highs warmer than yesterday by a few degrees. highs tomorrow warmer than neez quite a few degrees. tomorrow see a lot of upper 80s and low 90s. tomorrow's extended forecast -- well, we're going to warm up thursday then on friday, saturday, sunday, we cool down. sit going to be cold? no: it's going to be 70s and 80s. still above-average temperatures for much of the bay area so a nice weekend but cooler. concerned with this warmer day tomorrow there will be a red flag warning going into effect east of the bay area but that red flag warning could easily
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bleed into our region. the high fire danger just because of time of year, right. there will be some winds, too, mainly in the central valley but until we get that first rain, big rain this time of year we 're always a little worried about it. national weather service at sacramento has issued this red flag warning for tomorrow. south sacramento kind of reaches over here from fairfield to vacaville. so red flag warning in effect tomorrow. i think we'll be fine sfshs seeing a red flag warning but we shall going to have a hire fire danger. tomorrow's baseball game is right here on channel 2 about 1:00 and tomorrow chance of thunderstorms and right now computer models are all dealing and coming together and saying it's time for rain and thunderstorms so let's watch that and see what happens. i'll be back with the latest computer models and download that a little later. a big impact on the game. maybe rain de lay, maybe they cancel it. so we'll watch that. the five-day forecast coming upright after the forecast highs tomorrow.
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90 in brentwood, 91 in livermore, 89 in morgan hill, 88 and along the peninsula 80 so very very warm day tomorrow, one of the warmer days we've seen this week and tomorrow thursday probably going to be warmer. so here's your five-day forecast. i'll see you guys tonight at 10:00. thanks, bill. bay area woman hopes a little fun and games will get young girls thinking about a future in engineering. currently looking for investments for goeltdi dmrs locks. the new series featuring a female engineer. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. i'm gasia mikaelian and our conch continues with the 10:00 news and tonight the first reaction to the presidential debate but less coverage of the ongoing effort to retrieve that $8 million reyesing yacht. we're always here for you at
7:27 pm tmz is up next right here on tv 36
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